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Sell with Six Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Find A Real Estate Agent

Selling a home can be emotional. Besides you probably spent many years there and created tons of memories. We will want to ask you a few questions so we can either transition you over to a new home, or maybe you want to move out of state or even rent. Whatever the case, let’s sit down and talk so we can make the best move for you.

Step 2 - What's my home worth?

There are tons of real estate websites that have an “estimate” of what they think your home is worth. But usually they are way off. We will find homes similar to yours, plus we can even tell how many offers other homes received in the area so you can really see the true demand for your home. We will give you an accurate value, plus give you an “estimated net sheet” which tells you how much you will receive in your hands after you sell. 

Step 3 - List your home.

We will send you a listing agreement to review and sign. What makes us unique is we will list your home for just 1%, on our end versus the other guys who charge 2.5% to 3%. You get the same service but save thousands of dollars. Some online brokers who offer rebates don’t even list properties, but we do it all.  

Step 4 - First Impressions go a long way!

So when you bought your home, something stood out right away. When we list your home, we want your home to stand out as well. That’s why when you list, we want to create that perfect “curb appeal” We will recommend staging, professional photography, inspection reports, and maybe a few quick fixes to help your home shine. We have a network of skilled vendors who can handle this process at reasonable price. 

Step 5 - Market your home for sale.

We will place your home on the MLS system, create professional flyers, and schedule the open house weekend! We will also notify local real estate agents in the area of your home so they can let their buyers know about your home for sale. We will also help with getting disclosures, property inspections ready as well. 

Step 6 - Offers in, lets pick the right one.

At this stage, we will review offers that come in together and go over any questions you have. Sometimes the highest offer isn’t the best one, maybe one offer has better terms like no contingencies. Once we agree on a offer, escrow will open and we will closely monitor the transaction to assure a smooth closing. Most times, it will take about 30 days for the entire process. Once you sign with escrow, they will either wire your funds or you can opt for a check. Then we release the keys to the new buyers. Sold! 

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